This song hit me like a fucking train

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So why’d you have to go? Is there something I could say to make you turn around? Cause nights like these I wish I’d said don’t go”

Champagne’s for Celebrating (I’ll Have A Martini) -Mayday Parade [x]

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Ignore the creepy eyes :3 my boyfriend and I with Amity!

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he’s so cute, aw ♥

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How did the guys respond to the letters you gave them? Btw I love your blog<3


x :3

(In addition to that Dan was really really impressed with the amount of followers I have here and 1 DAN TALKED TO ME I wasn’t quite expecting that and I was so happy and he also had to ask again how many followers because he didn’t believe it and thought he heard it wrong cx )

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"So hold on tight, there’s more to life" - Cave In, The Amity Affliction

[ | Handcuff necklace from Flowerbomb Jewelry on Etsy | ]

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The Amity Affliction / Backbooth

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Adrian | Northlane (x)

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Of Mice & Men | Original photo isn’t mine

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"You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness."

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