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Brand New
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there u go anon from earlier ps all my band edits will be uploaded to my band blog

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what's the name of your personal account on instagram? if you don't mind sharing? :)


@ Lucifers.kitten :3 if you follow me comment that you’re from tumblr and I’ll follow back ^^

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*Focus on italics* Okay so I started this project on the date listed above, August 11, 2014. However, it’s less than a month before I hand this to Amity!!! So here’s my “Official Post”. (I already have 5+ pages of stuff but more wouldn’t hurt c:)


I will be seeing Amity on the date above, October 17, 2014. I will be handing them an envelope filled with letters of things you guys have sent to me, expressing how much they have meant to you, how they have inspired you, and how they have helped you. I add your URL or put it under anon depending on how you send it to me. To be a part of this simply message me. I am doing this so they never forget how much they mean to so many people and how important they are. I also accept artwork (With credit, by mail). So please please please spread this so that those who want to be a part of this have the chance. I accept messages to add until October 16, 2014 - So a day before. Help me make this a massive amounts of letters guys!!! ^^ -Lexi

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Joel Birch and Jason Butler | Warped Tour 2013 

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Joel birch at the signing 💕

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I found love, in this song

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Michael Bohn of Issues flipping me off backstage at the Horden Pavilion in New South Wales, on the “Let The Ocean Take Me” tour.

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A part of me  - Neck Deep

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